About The AAAIC

OUR MISSION: Bring everyone associated with the auto appraisal industry together to share concerns, ideas, solve common problems and strengthen our profession through an open exchange of ideas.

OUR GOAL: Establish and implement standards that can be mutually respected by the automotive industry, the insurance industry, the regulating agencies and the auto-owning public.

OUR PREMISE: The All-Auto-Appraisal-Industry-Conference is a natural outgrowth of the IAAA to extend participation to insurance carriers and appraisal organizations worldwide in our programs designed to unite, educate, train and promote recognition of practitioners in the automotive appraisal discipline.




The USAAP (Uniform Standards for Auto Appraisal Procedures) is the only set of standards specific to automotive appraisals along with establishing the Automediators Association and the unique training needed as a professional automotive appraisal clause hearing Umpire are the result of the All-Auto-Appraisal-Industry-Conference.


IAAA members are offered an opportunity to hone their skills in Automotive Appraisal disciplines and participate in continuing education which will provide their clients with the best possible choice when selecting a professional automotive expert to deal with their automotive issues.